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What We Do

MalecaCoin Returns Peer-to-Peer Transactions to The Gold Standard

The Precious Metals Market Tokenized

Gold Backed

1/10th Gram Gold Bullion

Enabling P2P Gold Transactions

Precious Metal Transaction Network

Retail Network

Enables P2P Retail Precious Metal Transactions

Store Value & Hedge Inflation

Access World's Oldest Store of Value

Proof of Funds

Token Lots Issued with Proof of Funds

Fully Insured

Insurance Against Bank Guarantees

For precious Metals Investors

DeFi Principles & Proven Precious Metal Strategies

Asset Appreciation, Store of Value

Malecacoin offers the investor a traditional storage of value, while eliminating the volatility of the precious metal. Traditionally this means a reduction in upside potential. Malecacoin corrects this imbalance, eliminating the downside with Proof of Funds, Buybacks, Burning, Staking & Insurance. While, at the same time, leaving upside potential intact.

One ounce of gold can be stretched to a length of 50 miles; the resulting wire would be just five microns wide.

MalecaCoin .\\

Help P2P Transactions Return to the Gold Standard

Treasury Rewards

Subscription Bonuses
Network Rewards

Expanding Supply

Initial Supply 75M
Lock Up Period 3 Months

Staking Priority

First Round Subscribers
First Right of Refusal

Silver Token

MalecaCoin Token Holders
Receive Airdrop


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    Get Best Prices on More Gold

    Avoid Further Inflation & Depreciation in Fiat Markets

    Though there are outliers, the purchasing power of the dollar has steadily decreased since 1913. This is due to inflation and the continued increase of the Consumer Price Index over the years.

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